Spruce Point Inn's location allows the "Sarah Mead" to travel to several locations typically unreachable for other tour boats in the region.

If you want to see the town from the water, haul some lobster traps or check out islands and lighthouses, we can make a custom course.

 The Inn also provides parking and dining options for our passengers!

If you are hungry when you return to land, Spruce Point Inn has two restaraunts for you and your family to enjoy.



Q: Can we take more than six? A: Absolutely not. We are limited to six by the USCG

Q: Is there parking? A: Yes, parking is free anywhere on the SPI property

Q: Can we rent the boat privately? A: Yes, just select the “private charter” option

Q: Where do we go? A: Wherever the wind takes us

Q: Will I get seasick? A: There is little to no risk of seasickness

Q: Can we bring pets? A: We allow pets on private charters

Q: Can we bring food and or drink A: BYOB, bring food to share with the crew!

Seals. Porpoise.

Islands, lighthouses and megayachts.

Take the helm, hoist sail, or just sit back and relax.

Fishing. Lobstering. Sailing!

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