Captains Nate and Randy began rebuilding "Sarah Mead" in 2006. She has since been recaulked, rerigged, refastened and equipped with an electric drive capable of making its own power while under sail.

Builder: Newburt and Wallace

Design: 1902 Dictator Class Friendship sloop, Wilbur Morse 


Year built / rebuilt: 1965 / 2006

LOA / LWL: 42' / 32'

Beam: 9.5'

Rigg: Gaff cutter rigged Friendship Sloop

Draft: 4.5'

Mast: 45' solid spruce

Boom: 18' solid spruce

Gaff: 13' solid spruce

Sail area: 700 sqft

Propulsion: Electric Yacht 360oibl Quiettorque (2011)





"Sarah Mead" spends her winters in Captain Nate's driveway, where there is always work to be done.

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